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Catholic schools

Letter of approval from Diocese of Armidale

Download letter of approval from Diocese of Armidale (PDF 96 KB)

Catholic Schools Office
P.O. Box 636  125 Barney Street  Armidale NSW 2350  Phone (02) 6772 7388  Fax (02) 6772 9285
ABN 90 702 916 776  Email

24th January, 2012.

Professor Alan Hayes
Australian Institute of Family Studies
Level 20
485 La Trobe Street

Dear Professor Hayes,

Further to your request for permission to extend your research project Growing Up In Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children, I am pleased to advise that approval has been granted.

The approval allows you to approach school principals in the Diocese of Armidale and seek their involvement in your project however it should be understood that it is the prerogative of the principal to decline your invitation to be involved in this study or to withdraw from involvement at any time.

The privacy of the school and that of any school personnel or students involved in your study must, of course, be preserved at all times.

When your research has been completed, please forward a summary report of the findings and/or recommendations to the school as soon as practicable after results are to hand.

It is necessary that you or your representative provide a copy of this letter to the principal when seeking their involvement in this study.

I wish you well in this undertaking.

Yours sincerely,
John M. Mula
Diocesan Director of Catholic Schools