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Letter of approval from Diocese of Cairns

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Catholic Education - Diocese of Cairns
Learning with Faith and Vision

130 Lake Street
PO Box 5296, Cairns Q 4870
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26 January 2012

Professor Alan Hayes
Australian Institute of Family Studies
Level 20
485 La Trobe Street

Dear Professor Hayes

RE: request for extension of previously approved application - Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Given our former participation in this important study, I am happy to grant approval for an extension for Waves 5-8, commencing with Wave 5 in 2012.

In line with our policy and practice, the final decision in relation to the participation of an individual school in the Cairns Diocese will rest with the Principal of that school.

We wish you every ongoing success in your venture on behalf of Australian children.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely
Executive Director

The Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Cairns