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Catholic schools

Letter of approval from Archdiocese of Melbourne

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Catholic Education Office
Archdiocese of Melbourne

In reply please quote:

10 June 2011

Prof A Hayes
Australian Institute of Family Studies
Level 20 485 La Trobe Street

Dear Prof Hayes

I am writing with regard to your research application received on 16 May 2011 concerning your request for an extension of your project titled Growing Up in Australia, the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. You have asked approval to approach Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, as you wish to survey students and their parents, and teachers.

I am pleased to advise that your research proposal is approved in principle subject to the nine standard conditions outlined below.

1. The decision as to whether or not research can proceed in a school rests with the school's principal, so you will need to obtain approval directly from the principal of each school that you wish to involve.

2. You should provide each principal with an outline of your research proposal and indicate what will be asked of the school. A copy of this letter of approval, and a copy of notification of approval from the university's Ethics Committee, should also be provided.

3. A Working with Children (WWC) check - or registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) - is necessary for all researchers visiting schools. Appropriate documentation must be shown to the principal before starting the research in each school.

4. No student is to participate in the research study unless s/he is willing to do so and informed consent is given in writing by a parent/guardian.

5. You should provide the names of schools which agree to participate in the research project to the Knowledge Management Unit of this Office.

6. Any substantial modifications to the research proposal, or additional research involving use of the data collected, will require a further research approval submission to this Office.

7. Data relating to individuals or schools are to remain confidential.

8. Since participating schools have an interest in research findings, you should consider ways in which the results of the study could be made available for the benefit of the school communities.

9. At the conclusion of the study, a copy or summary of the research findings should be forwarded to this Office. It would be appreciated if you could submit your report in an electronic format using the email address provided below.

I wish you well with your research study. If you have any queries concerning this matter, please contact Mr Martin Smith of this Office.

Yours sincerely
Nancy Bicchieri

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Correspondence: PO Box 3, East Melbourne VIC 8002 Email: director ABN 85 176 448 204