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Letter of approval from Queensland

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Queensland Government
Department of Education and Training

28 June 2011

Dr Ben Edwards
Senior Research Fellow
Australian Institute of Family Studies
Level 20, 485 La Trobe Street

Dear Dr Edwards

Thank you for your application seeking approval to conduct research titled "Waves 5-8 of Growing Up in Australia, the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children" in Queensland State schools. I wish to advise that your application has been approved.

You may approach principals of the schools nominated in your application and invite them to participate in your research project. As detailed in the Department's research guidelines the following applies to the study:

This approval has been granted on the basis of the information you have provided in your research proposal and is subject to the conditions detailed below.

Please note that this letter constitutes approval to invite principals to participate in the research project as outlined in your research application. This approval does not constitute ethics approval or support for the general and commercial use of an intervention or curriculum program, software program or other enterprise that you may be evaluating as part of your research.

Should you require further information on the research application process, please feel free to contact Dr Karen Barnett, Principal Research Officer, Strategic Policy and Research on (07) 3238 3176. Please quote the file number 550/27/1098 in future correspondence.

I wish your study every success.

Yours sincerely
Dr John Dungan
Strategic Research
Strategic Policy and Research
Trim ref: 11/164083

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