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A big Thank You for being part of the Growing Up in Australia study!

Wave 7 is underway!

That's right - a Growing Up in Australia interviewer is gearing up to visit you for the seventh time.

Are you 12-13 years old?

As you are now starting adolescence, we want to understand this important stage in your life and we have included some new questions.

The topics covered by these new questions may include:

  • emotions
  • learning
  • physical health
  • family interactions
  • peers
  • school

Are you 16-17 years old?

This will be the last time we interview you together with your parents. As you approach adulthood we want to understand this important stage in your life, so we have included some new questions.

New areas we may be asking questions about include:

  • pain and injuries
  • parental support
  • partnering and having children
  • sexual health and behaviours
  • finishing school and further studies or training
  • income and finances
  • moving out


Our 16 – 17 year olds and parents will be asked to sign some consent forms when their interviewer visits. To have a look at these forms or more information on what we’ll be asking you to sign have a look at our privacy and consent page.

Videos about the study

The Growing Up in Australia team has uploaded videos to YouTube of young people just like you, talking about the study and why it's so important. Check out the YouTube videos below.

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