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A big Thank You for being part of the Growing Up in Australia study!

Wave 8 is underway!

The first phase of Wave 8 is about to start. Our Growing Up in Australia interviewers are gearing up to contact you soon.

Are you 18-19 years old?

For this wave, only you will be interviewed in your home and you can make a time that suits you, you will also have the option to complete part of your interview online. Your parents will be interviewed by phone later.

As you've now entered adulthood we've added in some new questions to capture this important stage in your life, including:

  • Social media and technology
  • Your aspirations for the future
  • Study and work
  • Relationships and interactions

Are you 14-15 years old?

For your interview, we've added some games to assess your memory and reaction time.

New questions have also been added to capture your journey through adolescence. The new topics include:

  • Attitudes to school
  • Social media and technology
  • Diet and eating behaviours
  • Emotional wellbeing and sources of support


Our 14 – 15 year olds and their parents will be asked to sign some consent forms when their interviewer visits. To have a look at these forms or more information on what we’ll be asking you to sign have a look at our privacy and consent page.

Videos about the study

The Growing Up in Australia team has uploaded videos to YouTube of young people just like you, talking about the study and why it's so important. Check out the YouTube videos below.

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