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Wave 8 is underway

The first phase of Wave 8 is about to start. Our Growing Up in Australia interviewers are gearing up to begin in-home visits soon. Phase 1 will continue into September 2017, with Phase 2 due to start in early 2018. In this wave we will be capturing more information on social media and technology, sources of support and education and career pathways. We look forward to catching up with all of our study families!

Wave 7 interviews complete

Wave 7 is now complete. Phase 1 of Wave 1 started in June 2015 and Phase 2 started in March 2016, and during this time we have completed over 6500 in-home interviews, sent out approximately 3300 questionnaires, and completed almost 800 telephone interviews. A big thank you to everyone involved!

Wave 6 interviews

Wave 6 interviews have now been completed. Thank you to all of our study participants and interviews for being an invaluable part of LSAC.

Phase 1 of our Wave 6 interviews started in August 2013, with phase 2 commencing in March 2014.

Life at 9

Inspired by Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children, Life at 9 premiered in July 2014 on ABC1.

The fifth instalment of the Life series continues the ordinary and extraordinary life journey of eight Australian children as they learn to deal with life's hurdles and challenges at the pivotal age of nine.

The series uses research findings from Growing Up in Australia during its commentary about the families, the two episodes for Life at 9 focus on the children's creativity and emerging independence.

You can get more information on the series at the ABC's Life at 9 website. Clips from previous instalments of the series are also available on the ABC website.

Life at 9 children walking through the forest

2013 newsletters

Growing Up in Australia 2013 newsletter for parents of study children aged 10-11

Growing Up in Australia 2013 newsletter for parents of study children aged 14-15

Videos about the study

The Growing Up in Australia team is often asked by families why we ask the questions we do. We have uploaded videos to the AIFStv YouTube channnel to help answer some of these questions.

Research focus

For information about some of the key areas of research the study focuses on, visit the Research topics page.

Further reading: Recent publications using Growing up in Australia data

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