Data Issues

Waves 1 to 7
Data issues - Waves 1 to 7 – February 2019

16 Body fat percentage data corrections

There was a data processing error in the treatment of body fat values in Wave 5 and Wave 6 for both cohorts. The variables affected were:

  • Wave 5 B cohort - ebodyfat
  • Wave 5 K cohort - gbodyfat
  • Wave 6 B cohort - fbodyfat
  • Wave 6 K cohort - hbodyfat

This error was due to the incorrect treatment of the decimal place for records where the interviewer did not enter the zero after the decimal point. For example, if the interviewer entered a value of 27, it resulted in a processed value in the final data of 2.7 rather than 27.0.

All records affected by this incorrect treatment have been corrected for the Wave 7 data release. The number of records corrected are shown in Table 32.

Table 32: The number of records corrected for B and K cohorts by wave
Cohort Wave 5 Wave 6
B cohort 171 215
K cohort 164 156