Data Issues

Waves 1 to 7
Data issues - Waves 1 to 7 – February 2019

23 Expected/received child support per child

From Wave 1 through to Wave 4, the items ‘Monthly child support expected’ (pe20a1, pe20p1) and ‘Child support received last month’ (pe20a2, pe20p2) were based on child support for a child per period. The amount for a child was calculated by dividing the amount received or paid, for that period, by the number of children that received support.

However, in Wave 5 to Wave 6 these items were not calculated per child but rather collected as the total amount received, or paid, for that period.

The amount each child receives can be different if they are from different biological parents so the per-child values in Waves 1–4 are an average value only.

These differences are relevant to both P1 and PLE items in Wave 5 and Wave 6.

The per child values in Waves 1–4 will be left as they are, but users should note the possible inaccuracies in the amounts if children have different biological parents. For Wave 5, and all subsequent waves, only the total amount received or paid for that period will be provided. A note has also been placed in the data dictionary to assist users in creating their own calculation of ‘per child items’ for Wave 5 onwards.