Data Issues

Waves 1 to 7
Data issues - Waves 1 to 7 – February 2019

27 Desired occupation sequencing issue

As part of the SC CAI Wave 7 SC K cohort participants were asked ‘Since the (last interview/In the last two years) have there been any times when you were actively looking for work?’ (ipw41c1).

Respondents who answered ‘no’ at this point were sequenced incorrectly and were not asked the desired occupation question: ‘As things stand now, do you know what career or occupation you would like to have in the future?’ (ipw39ca).

Respondents who answered in the positive to actively looking for work were then asked if they had been actively looking for full-time or part-time work during the last four weeks (ipw11c4). Respondents who answered ‘no’ to this question were also incorrectly sequenced away from the desired occupation question.

As a result, only 509 out of a possible 3,089 were actually asked the desired occupation question. For Wave 6 a total of 3,317 respondents were asked what their desired occupation was. The decision was made to still output the data for the restricted population and place a note in the data dictionary to alert users to the smaller population for this question for Wave 7.