Data Issues

Waves 1 to 7
Data issues - Waves 1 to 7 – February 2019

28 Inconsistent placement of SC question

The following question, about who study children talk to about their plans for the future, has been included for the K cohort in Waves 6, 7 and 8:

When you talk about your plans for the future, would you say you talk to your …

10. Parents

11. Brother/sister*

12. Other relative/family member

13. School Career Guidance Counsellor

14. Psychologist/therapist*

15. Coaches/instructors*

16. Teachers

17. People from work (e.g. colleagues, employer)*

18. Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner*

19. Friends

20. Other unrelated adults (e.g. family friends, friend's parents)*

21. Do not talk to anyone*

22. Nobody to talk to*

23. Other

Note: *Responses added at Wave 7

The wording of the question has been the same across the three waves, with additional response categories added for Wave 7. However, the position of the question has changed between waves and this is likely to have implications for longitudinal comparability. In Wave 6 this question was placed after questions related to education, therefore the question is likely to have been answered with future education plans in mind. In Wave 7 the question was positioned after questions on desired future occupation, most likely resulting in responses being about work-related future plans. Due to the inconsistencies in placement, cross-wave comparisons of these items need to be treated with caution as any changes found may be due to changes in the type of future plans being considered rather than actual shifts in who study children talk to.