Data user guide

The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children: An Australian Government Initiative
Data User Guide – December 2018


ABS – Australian Bureau of Statistics

ACARA – Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

ACASI – Audio Computer Assisted Self Interview

ACIR – Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

AEDC – Australian Early Development Census

AIFS – Australian Institute of Family Studies 

ANU4 – Australian National University ranking of occupational prestige, 4th edition

ASCL – Australian Standard Classification of Languages

ANZSCO – Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations

ASGC – Australian Standard Geographic Classification

ATSI – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

BMI – Body Mass Index

BP – Study Child Blood Pressure

CA – Carer Allowance

CAI – Computer-Assisted Interview

CAPI – Computer-Assisted Personal Interview

CASI – Computer-Assisted Self-Interview

CATI – Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview

CBC – Centre-Based Carer

CCB – Childcare Benefit

CSR – Child Self-Report 

DFRDB – Defence Forces Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme

DSP – Disability Support Pension

DSS – Department of Social Services

DVA – Australian Government Department of Veterans’ Affairs

EHC – Event History Calendar EXEC

CogState – Executive functioning

F2F – Parent 1 Face-to-Face Interview

FCF – Family Contact Form 

FDC – Family Day Care

FDCQA – Family Day Care Quality Assurance

FTB – Family Tax Benefit

FTBA – Family Tax Benefit A

FTBB – Family Tax Benefit B 

GJT/SLI – Rice Test of Grammaticality Judgement

GPS – Global Positioning System

HBC – Home-Based Carer 

IOBS – Interviewer Observations 

ISP - Income Support Payments 

LDC – Long Day Care

LOTE – Language Other Than English

LSAC – Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

MBS – Medicare Benefit Scheme

MSN – Medicare Safety Net

MR – Matrix Reasoning test

NAPLAN – National Assessment Program—Literacy and Numeracy

NCAC – National Childcare Accreditation Council

OSHCQA – Outside School Hours Care Quality Accreditation

P1D – Parent 1 During Interview Questionnaire

P1L – Parent 1 Leave-Behind Questionnaire

P2L – Parent 2 Self-Complete Questionnaire

PBS – Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme 

PLE – Parent Living Elsewhere

PM – Physical Measurements

PPVT – Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test

PPVT-III – Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, 3rd Edition

QIAS – Quality Improvement and Accreditation System (for Long Day Care centres)

RAP – Study Child (SC) living away from parents, parents of the SC RAP known as Parent 1 RAP, Parent 2 RAP and PLE RAP

RPBS – Repatriation Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits

ROC – Receiver Operating Characteristic

RSE – Relative Standard Error

SACC – Standard Australian Classification of Countries

SEIFA – Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas

SLI – Specific Language Improvement

SRS – Simple Random Sample

TIS – Telephone Interpreter Service

TQ – Teacher Questionnaire

TUD – Time Use Diary

WAI – Who Am I?

WISC – Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children