Wave 10 of Growing Up in Australia is underway!

A "wave" is a point in time when researchers collect data for a longitudinal study. This is the tenth point in time – over nearly 20 years – when researchers have surveyed participants about their lives.

Phase 1 of wave 10 is currently underway and phase 2 of wave 10 will commence mid-2023.

In this wave, we will be capturing information on study, work and training, living arrangements and an exciting new CSIRO short food survey. We look forward to catching up with all of our study families!

What will your survey look like?

Infographic: 01-An online survey ($20 gift card); 02-A home survey with our interviewer ($50 gift card)

01 Your online survey

The online survey can be accessed from Friday 27th January 2023. You will need your unique login code and unique URL that may have been emailed, or sent to you in the mail. If you cannot locate these, please call the Growing Up in Australia team on 1800 005 508 (9am - 5pm AEST) for assistance.  Your online survey (approximately 30 minutes) can be completed any time before your home survey.

If you don’t get to your online survey before your home visit, you can complete it at the start of your home visit with your interviewer. You will receive an instant $20 e-gift card on completion of your online survey.

The information you need to complete your secure online survey is unique to you and can be found on your invitation letter or by calling 1800 005 508.

02 Your home survey

An interviewer will call you and schedule a time for your visit at home (or a place where you feel comfortable), or alternatively you can call us (1800 005 508) to book it in. Our interviewers are very flexible and will work with you to find a time and place that is suitable for you both.

Your home survey will take around one hour and will include a combination of answering questions from your interviewer and completing questions on their tablet. You’ll also work with your interviewer to map out transitions you have made relating to work, study, living arrangements and relationships. As always, if you don’t feel comfortable answering any of the questions, you can skip over them.

Complete your home survey and receive an additional instant $50 e-gift card.

What will your next survey ask about?

We have prepared a survey that includes a broad range of topics. Some of the questions are new and some are questions we have asked before. Being a longitudinal study means that we are interested in how your responses to the same questions might change over time. The topics covered [PDF, 155 KB] in your survey will vary depending on your circumstances but may include:

  • study, work and training
  • medical conditions and disabilities
  • alcohol, smoking and drug use
  • feelings of stress, anxiety or depression
  • relationships and interactions
  • current living arrangements
  • parents, partners and children
  • your beliefs and attitudes
  • CSIRO short food survey

Where can I spend my e-gift?

Thank you for your continued participation in the Growing Up in Australia study. As a thank you, this year we are offering you up to $70 in e-gift cards that you can choose to redeem from a wide range of stores. A full list of retailers [PDF 1.4 MB] is available.

Study information

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Everything you need to know for the next round of the study.
Download the study information brochure [PDF, 1.8 MB]

Privacy brochure

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Find out all you need to know about privacy

Download the Privacy Brochure [PDF, 586 KB]

Data linkage explained

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