Growing Up around the world: Overseas studies

Growing Up in Australia has been such a massive success that it has inspired other “Growing Up” studies.

Growing Up in New Zealand

Growing Up in New Zealand logo

Launched in 2010, the children in Growing Up in New Zealand completed Wave 4 in 2016, when they were between 4 and 5 years old.

Growing Up in Scotland

Growing Up in Scotland logo

Growing Up in Scotland started in 2005, with two cohorts: a “Birth” cohort and a “Child” cohort. The Birth cohort consists of around 5,000 children born in 2004/5. The Child cohort consists of around 3,000 children who were born in 2002/3. There is now also a second Birth cohort of children born in 2010/11.

Growing Up in Ireland

Growing Up in Ireland logo

Growing Up in Ireland has two cohorts: a "Birth" cohort of 11,000 children who were less than 1 year old in 2008 (Wave 1), and a "Child" cohort of 8,500 children who were 9 years old in Wave 1.

Australia v Ireland

Australia vs Ireland

Check out some comparisons between the children in the "Child" cohorts of Australia and Ireland at around age 13 years.

Smoking: Have you ever tried smoking?

Fewer Australian young people have tried smoking than Irish young people.

A graph showing that fewer Australian young people have tried smoking than Irish young people

Drinking: Have you ever tried alcohol?

More Australian young people had tried alcohol in their lifetime, but fewer had drunk alcohol in the year they were interviewed, compared with Irish young people.

A graph showing how many young people have tried alcohol

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