Data Frequencies

Data frequencies contain descriptive information for every variable available in the General Release dataset for Waves 1-7. The frequencies are available as PDF files for each Wave, separated by cohort. For example, Wave 1 has two data frequency files available – B (“B0”) and K (“K4”).

Terms of use

Data contained in the frequency files provide a snapshot of information at each Wave. They are intended to help researchers:

  • understand the prevalence and response rates of particular data items.
  • inform and prepare analysis plans.

The information in these files cannot be linked to create a unit level record and will not provide a longitudinal context of data. Users are advised to undertake a comprehensive analysis of LSAC data to make valid inferences about the entire population of children in the relevant age groups.
AIFS does not provide consultancy of the information contained in the frequency files. However, data user queries can be sent to the AIFS LSAC team at

I have read and understood the terms of use:


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