Snapshot Series


The Growing Up in Australia Snapshot Series is made up of brief and accessible summaries of policy-relevant research findings from Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC).

Close-up hands of unhappy couple fighting and yelling in the living room.

Intimate partner violence among Australian 18–19 year olds

Karlee O’Donnell, Pilar Rioseco, Amanda Vittiglia, Bosco Rowland and Lisa Mundy

Snapshot — October 2023

This snapshot examines risk and protective factors for intimate partner violence victimisation among Australian adolescents. This helps policy makers and service providers to identify populations that could be at increased risk, so that protective factors can be strengthened.

Teen girl dressed in yellow t-shirt breaking up with his boyfriend through messages

Parents' welfare receipt and their children's employment and education outcomes

Clement Wong, Brendan Quinn, Bosco Rowland and Lisa Mundy
Snapshot — August 2023

This snapshot compares the education and employment status of adolescents from the K cohort against their parents’ welfare receipt data from July 2002 to June 2017. It examines the association between parents receiving welfare and their children not being in education, employment or training at ages 18 and 19.

Two teenage boys are in a skate park. One boy is laying on the ground on his back, he has fallen. The other has extended his arm to help him back on his feet.

Prosocial behaviours and the positive impact on mental health

Bosco Rowland and Tracy Evans-Whipp
Snapshot — May 2023

This snapshot examines what effect, over time, the cultivation and/or promotion of informal and formal prosocial behaviours has on poor mental health

A young woman with hearing aids talking to her mother in the kitchen. They have a breakfast and enjoying the time they spending together.

Young adults returning to live with parents during COVID-19

Tracy Evans-Whipp and Jennifer Prattley
Snapshot — January 2023

This snapshot reports on experiences of young adults during the COVID period and the difficulties they faced.

Young boy playing games on a computer at home.

What is the link between video gaming and gambling?

Dr Kei Sakata and Dr Rebecca Jenkinson
Snapshot — October 2022

This snapshot examines the link between playing video games during adolescence and gambling as a young adult.

Cropped image of a young cashier facing camera smiling ready to work at a supermarket.

Adolescents combining school and part-time employment

Tracy Evans-Whipp, Neha Swami, Jennifer Prattley
Snapshot — December 2021

This snapshot examines the working lives and employment histories of young Australians in their secondary school years.

Cropped image of a teenager lying on the floor with headphones and watching something on a tablet.

Adolescents online

Pilar Rioseco and Suzanne Vassallo
Snapshot — November 2021

This snapshot explores how online communication affects adolescents’ lives and the association between online behaviours and mental health outcomes.

Young woman sitting cross-legged on the floor. Continuous line art drawing style. Minimalist black linear sketch isolated vector illustration

Self-injury among adolescents

Sonia Terhaag and Pilar Rioseco
Snapshot — September 2021

This snapshot explores the prevalence of non-suicidal self-injury thoughts and behaviours in Australian adolescents between 14 and 17 years.

A young woman helps her friend who is on crutches by providing support and carrying her bag.

Adolescent injury

Tracy Evans-Whipp and Suzanne Vassallo
Snapshot — September 2021

This snapshot looks at 16-17 year olds' experiences of injury and identifies the factors that might increase the risk of injury at different ages.

A young woman takes cold refreshing beer from out the fridge, inside view from fridge of hand holding the bottle.

Alcohol use among teens allowed to drink at home

Brendan Quinn
Snapshot — August 2021

This snapshot explores how many Australian teens had permission to drink at home and their experience of certain alcohol-related harms.

Stressed schoolboy sitting away from people at school. He has a smartphone in his hand and is looking away with his hand to his face.

Teenagers' experiences of discrimination

Tracy Evans-Whipp
Snapshot — March 2021

This snapshot reports the experiences of various types of perceived discrimination among Australian teenagers in the secondary school years.

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