Child Health CheckPoint

  • Data user guide
    This document provides data users with key information about the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children's (LSAC) Child Health CheckPoint study and data.
  • Data dictionary
    The CheckPoint Data Dictionary describes each variable in the CheckPoint dataset included in the LSAC Wave 8 Release and newly derived variables in Release 9C1.
  • Labelled questionnaire
    This annotated version of the questionnaire provides information on branching rules, corresponding variable names, and response type and coding.
  • Rationale document
    The Child Health CheckPoint Rationale document describes the source of each measure, it's rationale for inclusion in CheckPoint, how it was administered and scored, and any modifications from the original measure or previous LSAC waves.
  • Data issues paper
    This paper summarises data issues that may impact on the use of particular variables, emphasizes changes to the data, and highlights important information for interpretation of results.
  • Technical paper (weights)
    This paper details the methods used to develop cross-sectional survey weights for the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children's (LSAC) Child Health CheckPoint study.

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