LSAC Research Conference, 2009

The 2nd Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) Research Conference was held on 3-4 December 2009, in Melbourne.

The Growing Up in Australia study is designed to identify policy opportunities for improving support for children and their families and for early intervention and prevention strategies.

A capacity crowd of around 185 professionals from a range of disciplines attended the 2nd LSAC Research Conference, sharing knowledge about the use of LSAC data in research and policy formation and exploring the research potential of the dataset. Keynote presenters for 2009 conference, Professors Andrew Leigh (ANU) and Ann Sanson (University of Melbourne), were joined by leading researchers from Australia and abroad to present on work relating to child development and family wellbeing.

FaHCSIA provided funding for the 2nd LSAC Research Conference.

The Inaugural LSAC Research Conference was held in Melbourne in 2007.


Presentations are arranged by name of the first author listed on each. Presentation slides from the conference program may be available upon request. If you are interested in viewing the slides of a particular presentation please contact the LSAC team. Please note the availability of presentation slides are subject to the presenter's consent.

Jennifer Baxter and Julie Smith
Breastfeeding and infant time use

Jordana K Bayer, Obioha C Ukoumunne, Katherine Scalzo, Melissa Wake, Nina Lucas and Jan Nicholson
Early Childhood Aetiology of Mental Health Problems: A National Longitudinal Study

Michael Bittman, Leonie Rutherford and Len Unsworth
Digital Natives, issues and evidence about children's use of new and old media

Tamara Blakemore, Megan Shipley, Stacey Waters and Stephen Zubrick
Measuring family disadvantage in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Karena J Burke
The Role of Dietary Habits in the Psychosocial Health of Australian Children

Amy Claessens
School Readiness and Achievement in Middle Childhood

Eric Emerson, Stewart Einfeld and Roger Stancliffe
Persistence and Emergence of Conduct Difficulties in Children with Intellectual Limitations

Mario Fiorini and Michael Keane
How the Allocation of Children's Time Affects Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Development

Ben Graham and Ibolya Losoncz
The effect of mothers' experience of extended work-life tension on child outcomes

Linda J Harrison, Sharynne McLeod, Donna Berthelsen and Sue Walker
Impact of speech and language impairment at 4- to 5-years on literacy, numeracy, and learning at 6- to 7-years

Ariel Kalil, Rebecca M Ryan, Amy Claessens and Michael Corey
Maternal Education and the Developmental Gradient in Time with Children: Evidence from Australia

Harriet Hiscock, Katherine Scalzo, Louise Canterford and Melissa Wake
Does sleep duration predict increasing BMI in children aged 0-7 years?: Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Wilawan Kanjanapan
Early maternal employment and children's development in Australia

Ilan Katz, Gerry Redmond and Diana Smart
Inter-generational mobility in Australia. How do vulnerable kids fare?

Rasheda Khanam, Hong Son Nghiem and Luke B Connelly
Chronic Conditions and Child Health: Does Income Mediate?

Jung-Sook Lee
The negative effects of persistent poverty on children's physical, socio-emotional, and learning development

Andrew Leigh and Chikako Yamauchi
Which children benefit from non-parental care?

Nina Lucas, Nicky Kilpatrick, Ana Neumann, Janina Chapman and Jan M Nicholson
Inequalities in reported oral health and dental service utilisation of Australian children aged 2-3 and 6-7 years

Jan M Nicholson, Donna Berthelsen, Nina Lucas and Melissa Wake
Socio-economic inequalities in physical and developmental health outcomes for Australian children, birth to 6 years

Lixin Ou and Jack Chen
The gaps in health outcome and health services utiization between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian infants and its attributable causal effects: Where to intervene and how big impact are they?

Gerry Redmond
Using LSAC to examine the adequacy of Australian Children's Living Standards

Sheldon Rothman
The development and use of educational measures in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Ann Sanson, Diana Smart and Sebastian Misson
Children's physical, cognitive and socio-emotional outcomes: Do they share the same drivers?

Helene Shin
Talking to children clearly but respectfully: The effect of inductive reasoning and hostile parenting at age 4-5 on child's conduct problems at age 6-7 using LSAC Waves 1 and 2

Megan Shipley and Tamara Blakemore
Parenting in place: Exploring parenting behaviours and socioeconomic position in the context of neighbourhoods

Sven R Silburn and Sally A Brinkman
The Australian Early Development Index (AEDI) and other measures of early child development as predictors of children's school learning and behaviour

Diana Smart, Ann Sanson, Jenny Baxter, Ben Edwards and Alan Hayes
The school progress of children from financially disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged families

Matt Taylor, Mario Fiorini and Ben Edwards
Does it matter at what age children start school in Australia? Investigating school starting age and six-year old children's outcomes

Matt Taylor and Matthew Gray
The impact of child support payments on the labour supply decisions of resident mothers

Nicola Taylor and Prem Thapa
The Production of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Gaps in Children: The Contribution of Family Income, Resources and Parenting

Melissa Wake and Katherine Smith
Changes in preschooler obesity between 2004 and 2008: is there hope after the hype?

Sue Walker and Donna Berthelsen
Quality of the home learning environment and the transition to school

Anne-Marie Waters, Leanne M Poulos, Rosario D Ampon, Antoinette Zinoviev, Wei Xuan, Helen K Reddel and Guy B Marks
Prognostic significance of parental reports of "asthma" and "wheeze" in kindergarten children

Gillian Whitehouse, Helena Romaniuk, Nina Lucas and Jan Nicholson
Parental leave, maternal mental wellbeing, couple relationship and quality of parenting: evidence from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children


Joanne Corey and Kathryn McGrouther
LSAC data collection methodologies

Rachel Henry, Megan Shipley and Habte Tesfaghiorghis
Keeping up breastfeeding: Family, parent and child factors associated with time to weaning

Elizabeth Maloney and Delyse Hutchinson
Prevalence and patterns of smoking among Australian parents

Sharynne McLeod, Linda J Harrison, Lindy McAllister and Jane McCormack
Corrospondence between direct assessment of speech and language impairment in 4-5-year-olds and LSAC measures of parent and teacher reported concern

Annemarie Nicol and Samara McPhedran
Measuring Life Events: A Conceptual Analysis Using LSAC

Emma Sciberras, Obioha Ukoumunne and Daryl Efron
An investigation of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder within a nationally representative sample- predictors and functional status

Megan Shipley and Tamara Blakemore
Supporting young mums: Characteristics, service use and social inclusion of young mothers and their children

Data workshop

Data Workshops were held on the day following the conference. The focus of the training was to assist users of the data, those considering becoming users, or those who are interested in learning more about LSAC data, to gain confidence in understanding and navigating the LSAC datasets. The training covered a range of topics designed to give a comprehensive overview of the conduct of the study, its datasets and supporting documentation.

To register your interest or find out more, contact the LSAC Team at AIFS.

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