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You are an influencer. Want to know why? Each time you participate in Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) you influence the lives of young people in Australia right now and into the future. And what an incredible difference you have made already!

Your participation in this study is having an impact! When you hear stories in the media that refer to things like ‘an Australia-wide study of teenagers’ or ‘a longitudinal study of Australian children’, it might be Growing Up in Australia research. So keep a look out – they might be talking about you!

You, your unique experiences and the time you set aside each time we interview you, contributes to a better Australia. For that, we cannot thank you enough. You are a valued member of the Growing Up in Australia study.

Here we give you a small snapshot of research using Growing Up in Australia data that has been in the media within the past year.

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October 2019 – The Conversation 
These 3 factors predict a child’s chance of obesity in adolescence (and no, it’s not just their weight)

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September 2019 Twitter 
Comparing risky behaviour in Scotland and Australia

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August 2019 – The Conversation 
One in 10 Aussie kids care for someone with a disability or drug dependence – they need help at school

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July 2019 – The Sydney Morning Herald 
Exercise, screen time, snacks and sleep: How Australian pre-teens compare

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June 2019 – The Sydney Morning Herald 
Work-family conflict on the rise for fathers 

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May 2019 – The Sector 
Why early childhood education is everyone’s business

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April 2019 – 3AW 693 News Talk 
World Health Organisation recommends tough limits on kids’ screen time

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March 2019 – The Sydney Morning Herald 
The Millennial screen teens with stars in their eyes 

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February 2019 – 10 daily, online news 
Kids In Poverty Are Bullied More And Have Fewer Friends, Report Finds

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January 2019 – Twitter 
See how our kids are Growing Up in Australia

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December 2018 – 2GB, 837am 
Teenagers hit by isolation and loneliness 

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November 2018 – Facebook 
Australian Breastfeeding Project

The Growing Up in Australia study has directly influenced these Australian initiatives:


Australian Government child and adolescent mental health strategy


Jobs for Families Child Care Package


Paid Parental Leave scheme


Universal Access to Early Childhood Education – ensuring all Australian children have access to preschool/kindergarten the year before they start school


Programs like ‘Let’s read!’ across Australia to encourage reading in early childhood


Mental Health Care in the Perinatal Period: Australian Clinical Practice Guidelines

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